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About me

My name is Mitchell Collins

I'm an Illustrator living & working in Melbourne, Australia. Having completed my Bachelor of Illustration at Melbourne Polytechnic, I now work in serving to create and establish Illustrations for those who seek to make their imagination come true. I listen to what the client has to say. I work hard and am reliable when delivering work

As an Illustrator I work to deliver logos, designs, concepts who professionalises in Storyboarding, Comic book/Narrative Illustration who is able to deliver to a clients need, able to adapt to different styles. From realistic to cartoonish. I also have my own unique personal style thats bold, exciting, and also dark. 


I work with both analogue and digital illustrative media, such as watercolour, charcoal and inks to digital programs such as photoshop and Illustrator. 


I have an eye for design and format which is an underpinning factor to have in illustrative storytelling. To push and develop my design skills around comic books and storytelling is what I continue to bring for clients. I also am able to meet my deadlines efficiently and on time for the client.


My design sense mixes both new and old fashioned to deliver a unique but nostalgic feeling for both my own practice and the client.


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